About Us

Henning (Henry) and Christian (Christ) are the faces behind the German label Henry Christ. Henry Christ is the symbiosis of wearable design with a modern twist and highest quality, luxury fabrics. Sweaters, shirts, blouses and scarves are therefore the core pieces of the brand. Launched in 2009, Henry Christ can be found at over 400 selected retailers in 19 countries worldwide. You see it. You love it. You touch it.


You see it. You touch it. You love it. At Henry Christ we combine design with finest qualities.
The demand of Henry Christ is it to create favorites for the everyday life without being everyday. Therefore, all pieces are created to emphasize the individual style of the wearer.
A fair and moral corporate policy as well as authenticity belong to the main concerns of the founders. Henry Christ believes that the key for long-term success are strong partnerships with all participants of the value chain. Therefore, a fair and equal treatment has highest priority in all inter-personal relations from producers to the consumers.
Not only is the immediate view and touch of the garments an important part of Henry Christ, also special interpersonal moments contribute to the brand experience. Moments that cannot be experienced online. That is why we made the decision against an online distribution of our products. We encourage to discover and enjoy special Henry Christ moments at our selected retailers. 

The Story

While being at different ends of the world, the two friends, Henning (Henry) and Christian (Christ), decided to create their own label in 2009, via Skype. Their inter-industry knowledge from international careers in engineering and business management, affinity for fashion as well as inner drive motivated the founders to establish a new brand.
Henry Christ stands for contemporary designs and highest quality to celebrate individual beauty. The best way to experience this feature is to touch the luxuriously soft fabrics such as cashmere and silk blends used for the garments. Moreover, the cosy and pleasant textures of the products immediately make you feel comfortable and in tune with yourself and the world around you. The carefully processed creations of Henry Christ all testify a common statement: “I am happy to be the person I am.”
Accompanied by countless YouTube Tutorials on graphic programs and self-made screen printings at the early stages, Henry Christ now can be seen as the result of dedication, ease and giving it a try.
The logo summarizes the main elements of the brand: On the one hand, the emblem of Hamburg, the place of origin, where all designs are created and, on the other hand, two lions that represent Christian and Henning. Furthermore, the blurred writing echoes the craftsmanship and individuality of the products.
Today, only six years later, the luxury brand Henry Christ is available in a variety of places and ready to spoil fashion conscious consumers all around the globe. 


A diligent selection of the finest materials as well as production co-operations with chosen family-operated businesses ensures high quality standards. Consequently, this generates the premise for Henry Christ’s success. In addition, a major part of the production is based on manual work, e.g. hand looms. Thus, irregularities in weaving structure and color may occur. The products are created in a good and safe working environment. Fair and ethical behaviour is a core principle that Henry Christ aims to realize from the beginning till the end of the value chain.