General Terms of Business of GL Solutions GmbH & Co. KG, hereinafter referred to  as GL Solutions.  

1) Scope of Application and General Information   All services provided by GL Solutions for the customer are provided exclusively on  the basis of the following General Terms of Business. Any differing provisions shall  be valid only if they have been agreed with the customer in writing. Placing an  order indicates acceptance of the General Terms of Business.  Offers are subject to change from Hamburg. 

2) Conclusion of Contract  Contracts are concluded by the customer’s order (offer) and confirmation by the vendor or delivery of the goods (acceptance). In the event of prepayment, the  receipt of the invoice is considered notice of acceptance.  The  vendor  is  bound  by  the  contract  only  after  the  buyer  has  received  a  confirmation notice.  If the buyer is not the owner of the business, he declares that he is a vicarious  agent authorized to conclude this contract. 

3) Delivery Terms  In the event delivery is delayed, e.g. due to force majeure, transport disruptions,  and acts of God, or other events over which GL Solutions has no control, no claims  for compensation can be made against GL Solutions.   The goods ordered will be sent to the shipping address provided by the customer  unless other arrangements are made.  

4) Prices, Payment, and Delivery  All prices indicated are subject to value added tax and are exclusive of packing and  shipping.   For prepayment or invoice, the amount is due 7 days after receipt of the invoice. If  the vendor has not received payment on time, he is entitled to cancel the contract.  If the customer is in arrears with payment, the vendor is entitled to charge default  interest of eight percentage points above the base interest rate. This shall not  affect any claim for other damages.   The customer is entitled to deduct claims from the vendor only if the claim to be  deducted has been acknowledged by the vendor or the existence of a claim has  been established by force of law.   Shipping shall be made at the orderer’s expense and risk, even for “free domicile“  shipments. The risk is transferred to the customer at the time the consignment has  been handed over to the person or business executing the transport. If shipping is  delayed by the customer, the risk is transferred to the customer at the time he is  notified of readiness for dispatch.  Delivery dates for offers are non‐binding and are contingent on the availability of  material. The delivery periods named in the confirmation are planned delivery  dates.  GL Solutions is free to choose the shipping mode and company. If prepayment has  been agreed, the delivery period begins at the time GL Solutions has received  payment.   GL Solutions reserves the right to cancel the contract if there is no credit limit at  the time of the respective delivery.  

5) Retention of Title  The  two  parties  agree  on  an  extended  retention  of  ownership  for  the  goods  delivered by GL Solutions. The goods delivered remain the property of GL Solutions  until full payment has been made. If the contract partner is in breach of contract, in  particular in default of payment, GL Solutions is entitled to demand return of the  goods subject to retention of title. Any costs that are incurred from such access,  such as from conducting third‐party proceedings or the like, must be paid by the  contract partner. The contract partner now cedes to GL Solutions in full any future  claims that may arise from resale or any other legal grounds regarding the goods  subject to retention of title. 

6) Transfer of Risk, Obligation to Inspect and Notify of Defects   The customer must inspect the accuracy of the order confirmation immediately. If  no  error  is  reported  within  24  hours,  this  order  confirmation  is  considered  accepted, even if the delivery is thus not made as originally desired.  If the vendor does not fulfill the contract, in particular in cases of force majeure,  serious  political  unrest,  industrial  action,  or  shortages  of  raw  materials  in  procurement markets, the failure to deliver is beyond his control and claims for  compensation are excluded.  Defects and shortfalls must be reported within 24 hours after delivery of the article  to the shipping address, hidden defects within 2 days of discovering them upon

receipt of the goods. If the customer fails to report defects within this period, the  goods are considered accepted.   Defects in parts of the delivery do not entitle the customer to reject the entire  delivery.  GL Solutions is first entitled to rework or replace the goods within a reasonable  period. In the event of delayed, omitted, impossible, or unsuccessful repair or  replacement, the customer may demand a reduction in price. Any further warranty  and liability for damages, in particular if repair was unsuccessful due to delay or poor fulfillment of repair or for consequential damages is excluded.  If the inability to remedy is beyond its control, GL Solutions is entitled to cancel the  contract.  In  this  case,  the  contract  partner  may  not  make  any  claims  for  compensation.  Slight modifications of form, other slight optical changes or slight, unavoidable  technical changes in material, color, size, features, or design do not constitute  grounds  for  complaint.  Justified  returns  will  be  accepted  only  after  prior  notification. 

7) Copyright  All logos, images, and diagrams displayed are the property of GL Solutions and are  protected under copyright law. 

8) Disclaimers  Liability for damage that stems from simple negligence of GL Solutions or one of its  agents  is  excluded  unless  an  obligation  has  been  violated  that is  of particular  significance for complying with the contract.   Liability for other damage that the contract partner incurs due to a delay caused by  GL Solutions, due to inability to perform for which GL Solutions is responsible, or  due to violation of a duty that is especially significant for achieving the purpose of  the contract is limited to such damage that is typically foreseeable due to the  contractual use of the goods. Liability is limited to the amount of the purchase  price.  Any further liability, in particular for damage that does not occur in the article  itself, for loss of profit, or any other damage to assets of the contract partner is  excluded.  

9)  Final Provisions  Any other agreements or declarations of intent must be in writing.   The buyer expressly declares that he has a complete business enterprise of a  nature or on a scale which requires a commercially organized business undertaking.  Place of fulfillment and legal venue for both parties is Hamburg.  The  law  of  the  Federal  Republic  of  Germany  is  exclusively  applicable,  to  the  exclusion of the convention on the international sale of goods, even if the contract  partner is based in a foreign country.  The language of business is German.  Should  individual  provisions  of  this  contract  be  or  become  partially  or  wholly  ineffective, or should the provisions of the contract contain a gap, this shall not  effect the validity of the remaining provisions or portions thereof. The ineffective  or missing provisions shall be replaced by the respective legal provisions.  Any contradictory provisions proposed to the vendor shall be a component of this  contract only if they are expressly accepted by the vendor in the written order  confirmation.